Ovulation Calculator Ovulation Calendar

Understanding Ovulation and Fertile Period

What Is Ovulation? Ovulation is the name of the process that…
Plan Pregnancy Gynecologist Alain UAE

How to Plan and Prepare for a Healthy Pregnancy

If you are trying to have a baby or are just thinking about it,…
Vomiting in Pregnancy Treatment Alain UAE

Morning Sickness - Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy

Nausea and vomiting of pregnancy commonly occur between 5 and…
Effect of advanced age on fertility and pregnancy

Effect of Advanced Age on Fertility and Pregnancy

There is a growing trend in women to delay childbearing until…
Anemia in Women Symptoms Causes Treatment Alain

Anemia in Women

What Is Anemia? Anemia is a medical disorder that occurs when…
vitamins supplements in pregnancy

Vitamin Supplements in Pregnancy

Do I need vitamin supplements when I am pregnant? Vitamins are…
Healthy Diet in Pregnancy Healthy Food in Pregnancy

Healthy Eating in Pregnancy

Keeping healthy when you are having a baby depends on both the…
late pregnancy after 35

Pregnancy After 35

How does ageing affect the chances of conceiving? Over the past…
Folic acid in pregnancy

Folic Acid In Pregnancy

high risk pregnancy twins gynecologist alain

High Risk Pregnancy

What is a High Risk Pregnancy? A high-risk pregnancy is a…
Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care

Prenatal care is the treatment of a woman and her unborn…
exercise during pregnancy

Exercise During Pregnancy

Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy? If you are healthy…